Travel Cosmetic Bag that is Ecofriendly Found!

Travel Cosmetic Bag from HiLove Travel

I have found the best travel cosmetic bag for you work trips, vacation, weekend overnights, and all other travel occasions.  When I travel I like to separate my cosmetics into categories, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, and body products, and pack them separately.  The separation of cosmetic products helps me stay organized.  This requires bags that are a few different sizes, and easy to pack. When I came across HiLove Travel bags I knew they fit my needs, and I LOVE them.  They are available in different sizes, and are lightweight, easy to clean, water resistant, and RECYCLABLE! Not only are these travel cosmetic bags recyclable, but they come from recycled materials, too! They are a welcome change from my other travel cosmetic bags that are stiff, difficult to clean and NOT ecofriendly!

These travel cosmetic bags come in a variety of sizes, mini, medium, and jumbo, as well as, in a travel case with a nice handle.  I put my cosmetic products, and skin care products in the medium sized pack, and my hair and body care in the jumbo sized pack.  The patterns and colors are adorable, too! My favorite is the pink with the silver and white stripes.  However, the heart, star, lips, and LOVE, prints are super cute, too.  HiLove Travel offers the bags in the classic colors of navy, black and white, as well as some vibrant shades. I am sure you will find something to coordinate with your other travel bags.  

Not only do they have travel cosmetic bags, but HiLove Travel makes a variety of other bags in the same ecofriendly material.  They have backpacks, weekend travel bags, totes, and purses.  All of these bags come in the cute prints and colors that the travel cosmetic bags come in, so everything can coordinate.  I have the Carryall Tote, too.  I use it all the time while running errands.  It holds everything from a computer, to a wallet, to kids stuff.  Friends and strangers make positive comments and ask me about it all the time!   

I highly recommend purchasing a travel cosmetic bag from HiLove Travel for yourself, but it also makes a great gift.  I have given these as birthday gifts, teacher gifts, and Christmas gifts (I love to give the star print for Christmas). The price point is mid-range.  The travel cosmetic bags are $32 for the mini, $40 for the medium, and $52 for the Jumbo, and the make-up carrier with handle is $46.