Our Recommendations for the Best Facial Moisturizer for Your Skin Type!

All Natural Moisturizers

After a freshly cleansed face your skin feels slightly tight, possible dry, and you need to give it a good dose of moisture with an effective moisturizer, but different skin types require different moisturizers.  However, finding products that leave out the bad stuff, such as, parabens, petrochemicals, etc. is hard to do.  We scour the market and vigorously research ingredients to bring you our best recommendations.  Below are different articles about moisturizers for different skin types that all meet the strict requirement of containing only safe, non-toxic ingredients.  

Odacite, Metta, and Evan Healy top our list of excellent all natural moisturizers.  The Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer with DMAE is excellent for normal to dry skin that helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Metta Intensive Replenishing Face Balm is a great treatment for dry skin, or simply a spot treatment for dry patches.  Lastly, Evan Healy Rose Vetiver daily moisturizer is our favorite pick for a simple daily moisturizer for all skin types.  To read more about our best facial moisturizer picks, click here! 

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