Natural Beauty Products
Pure Henry brings you the best research and clean beauty finds the industry has to offer!

Natural beauty products are the focus of the My goal is to introduce you to the cleanest most effective natural beauty products I can find and help you decrease the bad stuff from your daily routine. 

The 411 on Cleansers!
Cleansers are a perfect start to your natural beauty products transformation.

Cleansers are a great place to start improving your collection of natural beauty products.  The right cleanser needs to cleanse skin well without stripping it of all of its natural moisture.  Whether you have normal, combination, dry skin, oily, or acne prone, we have found something for you. I look for non-toxic products that use effective ingredients that have research behind them giving you the best recommendation and review I can offer to help you make the best choice for your skin.  Click here to find great information on cleansers! 

Moisture Mania!
I have found some of the best moisturizers to add to your bag of natural beauty products!

After you cleanse your skin, toners are a great way to help rebalance your skin.  I love a toning mist with a floral essence, but there are lots of great choices out there.  After the toner it is on to moisturizer.  Searching through small indie brands to large cosmetic companies I investigate ingredients and try lots of products to help you find the moisturizers that leave out the junk and use high quality natural oils and essences that hydrate all types of skin!  Check out my finds to add clean non-toxic moisturizer to your bag of natural beauty products! Click here to find great moisturizers!

The Best Fix It Formulas!
Natural Beauty Products that help your skin issues.

Dry skin, oily skin, acne, wrinkles, discoloration, and dullness, are all skin issues people struggle with.  More beauty companies are coming up with great natural beauty products that tackle these different skin problems.  By researching ingredients that are effective in helping to resolve these issues,  it leads me to products to test and review to help you discover great, clean, non-toxic products for your skincare routine. Click here for our best treatment finds!

Make-up with clean ingredients made easy.
Time to get rid of your toxic make-up and add my clean product recommendations to your beauty bag.

Finding the clean make-up that looks beautiful and doesn't sacrifice performance is my goal. There are lots of great cosmetic products out there that create flawless skin, add a pop of color, shimmer,  or definition to your eyes and lips and don't have harmful ingredients in them.  Searching my favorite cosmetic lines, as well as newer brands, I will bring you everything I find so you can add great clean make-up to your collection of natural beauty products. Click here for more on clean make-up!

Body Beautiful!
Clean, soft, smooth, with a natural fresh aroma are all words that will describe your body after you use some of my favorite clean body product finds!  

Most people use body products daily, and sometimes more that once a day.  It is important to use clean products on your body because your skin is your largest organ and absorbs what you put on it.  I look for body moisturizers that do not contain any harmful ingredients and use nourishing natural oils with natural scents.   You can explore some of my favorite body washes, shaving products, hair products, and deodorants to help you select the best clean products for your daily routine.  Protecting your skin from sun damage is also very important.  You can look at my sunscreen research and tips to find the best sunscreen with out the harmful chemicals.  Lastly, fragrances can be filled with terrible chemicals that are harmful to your health, but I have found some great fragrances without the bad stuff! Click here for more clean body products!

DIY Natural Beauty Fun!

I love creating my own natural beauty products.  It is a fun project, a great gift, and a great way to use nourishing healthy products and save money.  With step by step directions and tried and true recipes you, too, can create some great products!  The best part is you can add your own special twist by creating your favorite scent, color, and packaging!  Kids love to create these products, too.  A fun project for a rainy day at home.  Click here for great DIY product information.